Albanian American Festival 2019 – Hart Plaza By Beqir SINA – Detroit MI HART PLAZA DETROIT MI: ( Bota sot Jun 15, 2019 – Jun 16, 2019 ) : The Fourth Albanian American American Festival in Hart Plaza – Detroit, with founder and President Ben Pëllumbin under the auspices of a board set up specifically for this festival, brought this summer’s magic scene to this year’s moments the most beautiful of the of Albanian music and dance. Also, this time successful Albanian businessman, showman Ben Pëllumbaj, with the help given to him many other Albanian-Americans (sponsoring companies and sponsoring companies), including the Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Albanians with the priest Don Nue Gjergji, and more community sponsor , were the ones who made this great artistic event in Detroit for the four year. Director artistic of this festival are the community artist Joli Paparisto and Arben Dervishi So the main square in the heart of Detroit City, Hart Plaza, for two nights in a row (Saturday and Sunday 15- 16 June) was “captured” by the rhythms of dance and Albanian folk music from Albania, Kosovo, Albanian, and diaspora interpreted by some of the stars of the most famous Albanian songs and artists. The 4th Albanian Festival 2019 – was released for more than 8 hours for two nights, featuring dozens of singers, dancers and musicians, and artists from across the diaspora in America, Albania, Kosovo, Switzerland, Canada and the Albanian lands. The Albanian American Festival in Hart Plaza, downtown Detroit started yesterday . This festival is the continuation and making together the Albanian Americans, Albanians from Canada and the Diaspora – dancing, singing, good food, and good times all around the Albanian. The Albanian festival fills the full Detroit Square to show the world that Albanians have enough to offer in Albanian songs, dance, culture, art and tradition It’s the fourth consecutive year that Albanians are releasing their songs and dances in the center of Detroit in Michigan State. The two-day 15 and 16 June Albanian-American Festival brings together artists from the USA, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Switzerland and Canada. The initiative to gather Albanian singers and dancers every year at Hart Plaza, Detroit Square, entered the fourth year. The square that is commonly used for large American rock or tech groups is hosting Albanian music this June with some of the best performers it offers. Hart Plaza is separated only by a small generation of water from Canada and this is a good occasion for the festival to come from Albanians on the other side of the border. The Festival Board has taken care of bringing music and dance, tradition food and more souvenired from all over Albania. Ben Pellumbi director and chairman say “ The Albanian festival the main goal is to keep close to the community and to show the world that Albanians have enough to offer in terms of cultural values. In fact, according to the organizers, Albanians are today the only ones who hold an ethnic festival in downtown Detroit”. Associations and businessmen who support this festival told that they hope to make the Festival a regular annual event, starting with the increased interest this year. After the ensemble group from Detroit, the Group “Shqiponjat e Vogla” from Toronto – Canada, the ensemble group from Boston “Bashkimi” and another group come from, Switzerland “ Trojet” , Group “Rozafati” from “Mother Theresa” Cultural Center “Zoja e Shkodres” church in New York, with choreographs “Grand Maestro” Angelina Nika, the group and singers from Detroit, Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeg, Group Rapsha and Group “Krenaria” and more singer from Illinoi, New York and New Jersey, to ended the performance, the festival square opened for all the audience. The purpose of this Albanian Festival is to promote and further the interests of all persons who support the Albanian culture in America. Each year we bring a select group of Albanian singers and entertainers from abroad as well as our community in Michigan and other states. The festivals of this festival were Joli Paparisto and Arben Dervishi, and Greta Gashi while, was the one who accompanied for two nights all the singers and groups of dancers of the festival.